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I strongly believe in residual income and not working my whole life from 8 to 5. Therefore i always look for ways and means to earn $ and the internet is really one big tool for us. My Goals for 2007 To help 20 Singaporean get started with Google Adsense and to help them to earn US100 each by this yr. To set up my own .com website and be rank at least top 10 in Google and Yahoo search Engines. To achieve an affiliate sales of US$1000 ( The Ebook that i give out FREE by Ewen Chia says 30 days, so i guess i aint asking for too much)

Saturday, 24 March 2007

I have Moved!!

Hi all,

just to inform you guys that i have moved my blog to

Check it out and leave comments for me! :)

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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Testimonial from Brian Tracy about SkyquestCom

This is definitely a must see video for those people interested in SkyQuestCom e-business opportunity.

This is a real testimonial from Brian Tracy. In case some of you doesn't know who is Brian Tracy, he is a trainer and is also the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 40 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

With this kinda background,I'm sure many people wants to learn from him and his words definitely carry a certain amount of weight don't he?

Hope this video will increase the confidence of people who are in SkyQuestCom and also stirred the interest of those who isn't!

To view this video, click the link below :)

To your success!


Ivan Ong

Your Friendly Internet Marketer


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Monday, 5 March 2007

Why SkyQuestCom?

Hi Dear Readers,

I guess some of us have heard about SuccessUniversity which is somewhat smiliar to SkyQuestCom which deal with online webucation and SuccessUniversity is already so successful and well known alr... so why choose SkyQuestCom and not SuccessUniversity? Well, i would say yes, SuccessUniversity is indeed doing well... Very Well.. i would have joined SuccessUniverity also if there wasnt SkyQuestCom.

But here's what i found out after comparing both companies...
  1. SQC is a Singapore Company SU ( Success University ) is a US Company. So as a Singaporean, i definitely will join a Singapore Company. Must show support ma
  2. SQC Membership only requires US$250 a year and SU requires US$149.95 and a monthly subscription of US$49.95.
  3. SQC's online video has got subtitles in many languages (like Japanese, Chinese, Malay and even Hindi!) which SU doesnt have. This just shows how determined SQC is in bringing their business to the world.
  4. As for the compensation plan, SQC works in the way of US$22 for direct referral and for every 750PV on 1 side and another 1250PV on the other side, you earn a leverage bonus of US$165. ( 1PV = US$1) till infinite level. SU compensation plan give US$20-US$40 (depending on rank) for a direct active referral. For every 6 person that your network has, you will earn a commission of US$40 till infinite level.
  5. SQC has a preenroller programme which allows members to join the company for 30 days to find out the potential of the company before deciding if you wanna join the company (this is the beauty of SQC's business model). SU requires US$2 for a free 14 day access to the membership.

There are still some rules and regulations to follow so that you will qualify for the payout. so if you need more infomation, can always visit the SQC website at and SU site at

Need anymore query on SQC can email me at

To join the free 30day trial, go to to sign up today.


Ivan Ong

Your Friendly Internet Marketer


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Saturday, 3 March 2007

A Golden Opportunity- SkyQuestCom

Hi dear readers,

I remembered the days in JC when i first read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and i was truely impressed by the content of the book. My mindset started to change ever since after reading that book and i was determined to get out of the rat race. Robert Kiyosaki then became my all time favourite author and i went on and on to read his other books like "Cash Flow Quadrant" and "Rich Dad Success Stories" etc.
They were marvellous books. He was able to put millionaire concepts across to his readers in the most simple methods.

I attended a seminar on the 27th February 2007 and i was introduced to this Singapore company by the name of SkyQuestCom. The CEO, Dr Richard Tan were actually good friends with Robert Kiyosaki!! I was blown away!

Dr Richard continue to go on about the company profile and what the company have achieved over the years. Click here to read more abt the company profile.

Then he introduced the busines model that got me even more excited. I can actually listen to videos of 200 world class speakers ( 1 of them has to be Robert Kiyosaki of coz!) online and at the same time start my own business at the price of a soft drink/day! Wonderful isnt it?

I think this is by far the best company i have ever seen. Doing Webucation and can be delivered in many languages. How many Japanese or Indonesian or Chinese have wished to listen to world class speakers but didnt't have the chance to because they couldn't understand English? Imagine the power and the potential of the market worldwide!

I would definitely hope that you go find out more abt this golden opportunity. Moreover, they allow you to join for FREE to find out the potential of the business model before deciding if you wanna be part of it! Wonderful x 2!!

To your success!

Ivan Ong
Your Friendly Internet Marketer

PS: Be sure to visit this website! you do not wan to give this Golden Chance a Miss!


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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Pay Check

hello my dear readers, ( If there are any)

Someone whom i just got to know asked me this question.

"Ivan, your blog's realli cool, but have u earned anything from your blog yet and how much have you invested into your internet business?

Well, what i can say is that i hasnt really started out and still learning how to make money online. However, i have achieved a little result from the internet i would say. Though not much but i'm sure i'll make it successful in time to come! maybe not millions of dollars but another source of passive income for me. :)

oh wow, guess wad... i receive a letter from Google on the (erm not really sure when) and the letter looks like this....

This is what you will get when you accumulated US$50 in your Google Account.

In this letter is your pin no to confirm that the mailing address is correct. You wont want your Google Cheque to be sent to another person!!

Alright, after you have confirm pin and accmulated at least US$100 in your Google Account, Google will then process your earnings at the end of the month and also to make sure that you have not generated invalid clicks. After a month or so, this is what you'll get in your mail box.

Ta Da!!

This is the first cheque that i have ever gotten from the internet! Some of my friends couldn't believe it... they din believe that earning money from the internet was possible.. they had all the negative thinking abt earning money on the Internet. Ha i proved them wrong.. now they shld believe that making money on the Internet is possible.. but it just takes effort and time. (Alot of it!!)

This is what i have just gotten again today ( 1st March 2007)

Not a very large sum of money but it is still money isnt it? but i'm damn affirmed of myself that i must make it even more in time to come! ha and i want to prove to all my skeptical friends that making money online is POSSIBLE!! (Right?? My Dear Internet Marketer.. :) )

Anyone interested to find out how actually Google work, feel free to email me at

Ivan Ong
Your Friendly Internet Marketer

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Sunday, 25 February 2007

How to be Sequentially Superior in Internet Marketing

Email is an important aspect of marketing online. But a single email is NEVER enough and in fact can be more costly down the road. Here's why...

Like standard advertising, it takes repetition in order to get people to first absorb the message, understand it and then ultimately take action.
Naturally, some people will immediately respond while others need to see the message more than once before they even think about responding.
The reason is that each individual has a specific buying behavior. For example, the marketplace is divided into several, graduated segments that are based on such behaviors. They are:
Innovators (2.5%),
Early adopters (13.5%),
Early majority (34%),
Late majority (34%)
And laggards (16%).

Innovators are risk-takers and venturesome. They usually respond to new offers immediately and quickly, without giving them much thought.

Early adopters are impulsive, too, and respond to new ideas early taking action soon after the innovators do, albeit a little more carefully.

The bulk of the market consist of the "middle majority" (68%), consisting of the early and late majorities. It's the biggest "piece of the pie."

The first half, or early majority, typically respond to new ideas fairly quickly but are a little more cautious and conservative than early adopters.

The late majority, however, are more skeptical, careful and slow. They take their time, usually shop around and need to see offers more than a few times before giving them any consideration.
The final segment, or laggards, are the slowest to respond. They take action only after time has elapsed, usually once everyone else has done so.
So, what does it all mean to you?

Ultimately, the important thing to note here is that a marketer's goal is to effectively reach, persuade and incite the largest segment...
The middle majority (68% of your market).

But doing so is difficult to do with a mere, single mailing. Repeating your marketing message more than once is essential with this group.

Email marketing is much like blacksmithing. To mold the metal, you must hit the iron:
1) while it's hot,
2) in the right way and
3) many times.

Similarly, since the bulk of most sales occur in the follow-up process, you need to follow up in a timely, consistent and compelling manner

Did you know you can try out GetResponse for free? Click here for details now!

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Thursday, 22 February 2007

How to Measure the Success of a Website

Many have asked me how do I measure the success of a website. You will probably agree that it depends. It depends what you want to achieve with the website in the first place.
Ok, ok… Make Money Right?

Most of us build websites to make money. And if that is the case, it’ll be easy to measure success. You would set a target as to how much you want to make with a website right at the beginning. No? Most of us do not have the slightest idea how to build a money making website so I understand why we did not set a monetary target in the first place. Otherwise, it would be a lame reply… “As much as possible!”.

If you make more money than you initially invested, you’ll be in profit. Typically, a DIY website would cost you less than $100 to set up and maintain for a year or even two. So if you make $100 in the first year, you break even. If you make $100 every month from the 6th month onward you are doing really well. So build 20 such websites and you could probably tell your boss you don’t really need that job!
But do you know…

  • How to make $100 per month with a website?
  • What do you sell to make money?
  • How much traffic do you need to make that monthly cheque?

It is true that your website revenue depends on the number and quality of visitors to your website regardless of what you sell - hard goods, e-products, subscription or advertising space (e.g. Google Adsense).

One of the easiest ways to monetize your traffic is to put up Google Ads by registering to be an Adsense publisher. Content website is probably where Google wants the ads to appear so you will need unique and useful content. You will need to optimize each of your web page for search engine so that you will get free traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc.

So you can see that the success of a website is a function of visitor traffic. Now, let’s determine how much traffic you’ll need to make a $100 cheque every month.

We shall take the example of an Adsense publisher. Since you are a new publisher, let’s target less competitive keywords which you can still get ranked in the top 3 pages with proper SEO techniques. Each click will probably earn you $0.10 or less. You will need at least 1000 clicks to earn a $100 cheque. That will work to 33 clicks every day. If 5 out of 100 visitors click at one ad, you will need more than 650 visitors to your website every day. And that’s a lot of traffic for a new website for a newbie publisher!

If your website is not already generating 500 unique visitors a day then you’ll have to

  • Add more content to target more keywords.
  • Promote your website by submitting articles and press release.
  • Solicit backlinks by submitting to directories and other related websites.
  • Rewriting your content to make it search engine friendly and interesting to your readers.

Finally, one more tip for you to find out if your content is liked by your visitors. Go check you server log and see how many people bookmarked your website - people usually bookmark a website when they find it interesting and useful. You should have at least 30% of your visitors bookmarked your website.

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